Urban Frontline


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released May 5, 2015

Recorded and mixed at Deep Deep Pressure Studios
Mastered at Pitchback Studios



all rights reserved


FELONY Augsburg, Germany

Having started in 2012 we're now about to rise from the underground of south germany! check us out, Book us, Party with us! let's keep hardcore alive!

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Track Name: Strike us down
Always stepping forward
Don't care for what you say
Your hate means nothing to us
We will never change
We're doing what we love
This road won't end for us
Take us to the test

All we built, you won't take that
It's just the start, we're not done yet

One last chance for you
Strike us down
Track Name: Cursed feat. Davy (xViciousx)
You're still sitting on my back
I feel the claws on my skin
My devil's haunting me, in my sleep
Tells me my life is sin
Too much happened to forget
Too much happens to regret
But we can't change what was
Change yourself, don't erase

Take me to my grave

Part the distances, the choice is yours
You can be free, and still you're cursed
How can you keep fading away
While your life stays all the same

Take me to my grave
Ain't no love in this place
Nobody's sane
As they try to remain

Distraction embrace me
Punished for eternity

Breaking news, telling lies
Set you free of what is pushing your views
Open your eyes, forget your screen
Life is more than you have thought you've seen
Track Name: Urban Frontline
Modern torture, privacy commercialised
Can't move one inch, without being on a camera
I'm sorting out, how to retreat
An outlaws life is what I'm searching for me

Chances expire, but life repeats,
What’s been your win was someone’s defeat
A war so close I can not see
That peace is right in front of me

A war so close, I can not see that I fight myself

It's a war inside my head, I bring my inside out
Causing pain, I could prevent, I lay my life on the scale
I lay my life, on the fucking scale

All we do is fall,
Back where we started from
The urban frontline
Is screaming for me

All we do is fall
Back where we started from
The war inside my head
Reaches out
Track Name: Suspect
Self-destructive state of mind
All we do leads to our ruin
The sound of truth is long forgotten
A cloud of silence has prevailed

Silence the speaker, lower the voices

I can't move, trapped in a cycle
No justice can be found
Can’t say a word, can't make a sound
All's forbidden, no crime committed
Track Name: Forever Barking
This is the choice that I made,
It’s my decision don't think about to stand in my way
I won't believe you and the mistakes that you pray
And still the fools stay with you day by day

Tell me how we've come to this,
We're just running, chasing something we don’t need to exist
I can't believe what we made of ourselves
Everybody's on a rush, nowhere to find help

No excuse for looking away,
Talk means shit, ignorance leaves us astray
Chains on my back for the choice I have made
Forever I keep barking, 'til my neck will break

I'm getting sick, there’s no place to rest
Your only fear is the hand of death
Track Name: Nothing to me
I feel the world come crushing down
The pressure on my shoulders
I've seen the end of days
Prepare it's getting colder
But those are just impressions
Out of my freezing depths
This world can't show me something more
There's nothing left

Stray on stray on, keep losing your way
Nothing can keep you safe
From losing your way
Stumble down in the deepest caves
No sense in hoping on grace
One day it will just get smashed back
Back in your face

I won't feel sorry
If I can’t crush your dreams
You say you're living a nightmare
That’s nothing to me
Track Name: History Repeats
Just talk the talk, tell your stories
Don't ask me to listen
I despise your order, reject the offers
All your words are worthless
Don't tell me of your plans
Don't tell me of your future
I see what I see
Your speech is only hollow

Stupidity increased, as history repeats
Why should I take part, give me one good reason

Community is bunk
Track Name: Suffer to Survive feat. Jakob (Close to Defeat)
I'm lost, in drowning thoughts
I can't part my pain
Running from the world again
Trust no one I see

Nobody’s sane, in a world that is filled with hate

We just endure what the world throws towards us
A vicious cycle tearing down what we've built
Close to the edge of the fucking abyss, I keep my stand
No rules for me

I don't care what anyone does, I keep my way
We all suffer to survive

No perfect view, no sense behind, deaf to the world
Blinded fools, pay for it, a time of shit

A way so long I can't escape
A scar so old that it won't erase
Keep running against the wall till we all fall
Suffer to Survive
Track Name: Life is Pain
Life is simple, still so hard
Do as you wish, tear the borders apart
Stuck in struggle, we can’t get out
Picture perfect but the colours start to run

I watch the colours run
See my memories fade

Life is Pain, we face it day by day
Life is Pain, but I will find my way out